Williamhill Casino bids farewell to come great games

If you’re a fan of online casino games and want to start the Christmas party early, then you will surely rejoice hearing what Williamhill Casino has to say. `

In a nutshell, the online gambling operator is starting its winter holidays campaign earlier, presenting players with multiple opportunities to win prizes.

There also proud to unveil a brand-new assortment of games, building on the batch released in late October and enhanced by the November games.

This generous campaigns is supposed to have a two-pronged effect, on one hand building enthusiasm for the fastest time of the year, on the other hand offsetting the effects of cool games being retired.


This is something that is inevitable and all online casinos eventually do it, although many of them prefer not to draw too much attention. It’s always more exciting to announce the release of a new game than to let players know that some of their games will no longer be available.

If you are seeking for a silver lining, know that these gains will not all vanish altogether, but will simply be available on just a couple of platforms.

Aloha Island, Big Vegas, Blazing 7’s Hot Shot, Cash Wave, Cats and Cash, Chimney Stacks, China River, Cupid & Psyche, Double Dragon, Gunslinger,
Hand of the Devil, Havana Cubana, Hole-in-One, Jewel of the Dragon and Mayan Treasures are some of the games that will be missing.

Those who have the chance to spin their reels in the past will surely feel nostalgia about these games no longer being available. There is still a good chance to find them on desktop computers or selected mobile devices, but in the long run, they are more or less.

It is natural for slot machines to go extinct and be replaced by new games, yet not all of them actually get a sequel. Depending on how well they fared in the past, developers can find the reason to revamp the graphics and update the mechanics or retired them altogether. Williamhill Casino bids farewell to the aforementioned games, but will release new ones and overall the collection of games is clearly on the rise.

That’s why, players should appreciate the games currently available and instead of weeping for those that are about to be removed, look forward to the new releases.