The bet365 Giveaway will reward £1,000,000 in cash prizes

How would you like to win a share of a seven digit amount, while playing your favorite slot machines 07_2_bet365_1314with a highly respectable online casino?

This is a rhetorical question, because this is a dream come true for virtually any gambler and luckily enough for those who have an account with bet365, this is also the proposition these guys make.

There is a lot of money to be won and the competition is not that intense, so it would be a mistake not to be a part of this race.

The tournament has started on October 19, so you are not that far behind, assuming you didn’t get the time to enter the race. Each week, there will be two draws and these are the decisive moments for those who hope to win a slice of this huge financial pie.

Not all slot machines qualify for this campaign, but the list of eligible games is available on the website and brought up to date every day.

Those who are interested won’t miss out on this great opportunity and throughout October and the first two weeks of November, there will be plenty of winning opportunities. What players need to do is to make a financial commitment of at least €10, because this will result in one ticket that is good for the upcoming draw.

Furthermore, bet365 will unveil special slot machines each week and this chosen titles have the advantage of triggering twice as many rewards.


Basically, if you play these games and wager €10 or more, you will receive two tickets, so your chances to win a slice of the €1 million are doubled. These games are automatically changed on Monday, so make sure you don’t linger for too long with one slot machine, to stay competitive.

There will be four such changes over the course of the promotional period, so players have just enough time to get familiar with the slots without getting bored.

This campaign will come to an end on November 15 and by then all players should have had their chances to win more or less depending on how lucky they are. Two weekly qualifying rounds are supposed to keep them at the edge of their seats and fully engaged in this campaign.

There is a powerful mix of classic three reel video slots and five reel versions, so you won’t get stuck with a genre you don’t like.