One of the first online casinos

One of the first online casinos and bookies to open its doors to American players, Bovada used to operate logo-bovadaunder another name.

Back in the day, they were known as Bodog and were just as professional as they are today, with the customer base only expanding. They are using the same methods and solutions that made them so popular years ago, while offering more opportunities to those who choose to sign up with them.

Sports Betting Offers

Bovada is not surprisingly investing heavily in its American division and the vast majority of the sports are geared towards local players. Ice hockey and baseball are favored by most of these players and they are also popular on the other side of the Atlantic, which is very convenient.


NHL and NBA are well covered and if you want to take a steep departure from North American sports, you can always bet on European counterparts. These include domestic championships and continental competitions.

Baseball and American football are available to bet on in two formats, with college sports and professional leagues spending just as much time in the spotlight.

Nothing is lost in the process and the odds are comparable if not identical, so players only need to choose the games they like more. It can also be exciting to wager on tennis tournaments especially with some of them being broadcasted live.


Bovada was always a big fan of welcome bonuses and their new package consists of $250 but the amount is now offered as a free bet. This is a bit of a problem with the fact that players need to commit $500 to collect this amount as the rate at which it is matched consists of 50%.

It is always possible to deposit as little as $20 but this would only defeat the purpose of trying to make the most of this first chance.

There are no reload bonuses but at least you will receive bonuses for recommending players to join you and your buddy will also cash in on the welcome bonus. Loyalty points are accumulated whenever you perform an action that involves real cash, so climbing up the ladder is pretty easy.

At the end of the day, those who have attain VIP status are going to be granted access to special tournaments, enjoy a better conversion of loyalty points and receive branded merchandise.

Deposits and withdrawals

Bovada has all the credit cards used by American players covered as well as the electronic wallets but also payment methods that are less known. Bank transfers and Western Union are routinely used by these players who need to of a prohibitive legislation to have a shot at depositing and cashing out funds.

Rapid transfer and MyPaylinQ on the other hand worked like a charm and are used extensively.

Sign Up

The highly professional English-speaking customer support team is available 24/7 and players from the US have toll-free numbers were they can ask questions and receive prompt answer.