Europalace Casino shares special promos

Europalace Casino is on the most popular Scandinavian casinos, which means a logo-europalacegreat deal given the fact that there are plenty of respectable operators in these countries.

It shares many similarities with Europalace Casino and this is hardly a surprise given the fact that the latter is actually an offshoot aimed mostly at female players.

It focuses on those slot machines, table games and video poker variants that appeal to the gentle genre and also run some very popular lottery inspired games.

That’s why so many promotions are actually shared between the two casinos and when players compete for a progressive jackpot, they interact with their peers.


The promotions are glamorous and most of them have a compelling story, which differentiates them from regular campaigns that are all about cash prizes, free spins and cash backs.

In the final months of 2015, many of these incentives are not mutually exclusive and players could apply for several of them simultaneously.
In December, those who go over the calendar reminders, will discover that some of these campaigns are identical at Europalace Casino.

The newsletter also shares the similarities, but it is still recommended to accept these informative letters from both casinos, to stay up-to-date with the latest promotions.

Some of the juiciest tournaments are the ones that don’t have any and 50, following the same guidelines as some of the most popular poker free roles.
One recent campaign that spilled over from Europalace Casino to Europalace Casino went by the name of Flowers Slot Tournament.

It lasted for only two days, but was among the best paying one of the month, not to mention that brought in the spotlight some of the latest and most popular slot machines. It is on the tournament that takes place over the weekend, so even those who have a busy schedule can participate and their effort is lavishly rewarded.

The games are compatible with mobile devices, so you don’t have to shift to desktop computers if you hope to win a prize that ranges from €100-€1000. As many other tournaments running live here, this one had the winners decided among those who achieve the best percentage wins over a total of 20 spins.

You can be a highroller or a beginner, this chances to win are the same, because what makes the difference is the percentage not the actual amount of money won.